Quinn Eggesiecker-Mack, LPC, CST, NCC, MA

She, Her, Hers

I am a Licensed Professional and National Certified Counselor ( MO and KS) and an American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) Certified Sex Therapist who believes in the importance of kindness, laughter and understanding in our lives and in treatment.  I know that change can be scary (and not to mention difficult!) and because of this I adhere to a teamwork approach- you are not in this alone! Working as a team allows us to create a safe and supportive treatment environment uniquely suited for you and your individual needs. I have specialized training in the fields of sex, couples and family therapy and I am especially passionate about working with individuals who are experiencing sexuality-related concerns as well as individuals who are transgender, gender expansive and gender creative. I believe that diversity is beautiful and I am committed to ongoing efforts to make my practice, and the other spaces I occupy, a place where one’s intersecting identities are both respected and celebrated.


This two-part video e-course and digital workbook will give you the tools to:

  • learn the building blocks of emotional intimacy
  • uncover the barriers to intimacy in your relationship
  • explore what’s hitting the brakes on your sex life
  • discover how intimacy can flourish in your relationships