This two-part video e-course and 22 page digital workbook will give you the tools to:

-learn the building blocks of intimacy

-uncover barriers to intimacy in your relationship

-explore what’s hitting the breaks on your sex life

-discover how intimacy can flourish in your relationships

Why did I Create this Course?

Listen, I know you’re busy. With time at a premium, we can barely find the time to do the things we need to do, let alone the things we want to do. This is why I created this 30 minute (broken into 2-parts) e-course and 22 page digital workbook. This course is streamlined to provide you with the best content regarding intimacy and practical steps to increase intimacy within your relationship. Also included is a digital workbook that provides opportunity for further reflection and connection. The workbook is designed to be used alongside the videos and as a stand alone, giving you the freedom and flexibility to work at a pace that fits your busy schedule.

Praise for CONVERGE

CONVERGE is such a great course for couples desiring to know more about emotional and sexual intimacy! The modules gave us easy-to-digest information and practical tools/tips to implement. I’ve been able to reflect on myself and on us as a couple on the issues keeping us from reaching the levels of intimacy we really want. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of my own “gas” and “brakes” and have a much better perspective on the things that drive our connection as a couple. I’m so grateful for the easy format – despite having read lots of relationship and intimacy books, I was always left feeling like I had information but no plan. Now, I feel empowered!

-Mary, Hawaii

“Quinn’s Sexual and Emotional Intimacy course is an excellent tool to increase awareness and options within any romantic or sexual relationship.”

Julia Schafermeyer, LCPC, CST
Licensed Clinical Professional CounselorAASECT Certified Sex Therapist