Counseling Services

Why Counseling?

Why not! From life’s daily stressors to the dissolution of a relationship, no issue is too big or too small to seek counseling. I know that change can be scary (and not to mention difficult!)  but if you are currently facing a problem and do not know where to go or what to do, please reach out, you do not have to do this alone.

Services Provided

I provide individual and couple’s therapy that focuses on sexuality and healthy relationships. Since sexuality touches upon many areas of our lives, treatment oftentimes has many areas of focus. Together you and I will work as a team to  create a safe and supportive treatment environment uniquely suited for you and your individual treatment needs. I specialize in working with romantic relationships, female sexual identity/functioning/empowerment and gender identity. I also write letters for gender affirming hormonal, surgical and medical care.

What is Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a speciality within the field of psychotherapy that focuses on  addressing a wide array of sexuality related concerns.  These areas can include topics such as orientation, gender, libido, sexual function and communication to name a few. My goal is to help you identify what healthy sexuality looks like for you and to take the steps needed to move towards making this a reality. You do not need to be in a relationship to seek sex therapy, nor does your partner or partners need to attend for treatment to be effective. However, please know that when it comes to sexuality many items that individuals struggle with are relational in nature and that having your partner or partners present (if in a relationship) can prove to be beneficial.

Sex therapists tend to be a subset of general providers who have received additional education, training and experience in working with individuals who are experiencing sexuality related concerns. Please note that while sex therapy addresses potentially provocative subjects, professional therapy will never include any level of physical contact between therapist and client.


Due to the delicate nature of this work, I am exclusively a private pay provider, I do not accept insurance. The benefits to private pay are numerous, with the primary benefits being a greater level of privacy and control over your treatment.  Treatment rates are subject to annual increase on January 1. A valid credit card is kept on file and charged at the close of business every day. Clients are seen on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  

50 minute: $160

60 minute intake : $185



Regular attendance is needed to best facilitate the therapeutic process, and as such, infrequent contacts due to lack of attendance (late cancellation and/or no showing appointments) can prove to be a hindrance in your efforts for change and can lead to termination of therapeutic services. All cancellations, except those of acute emergency, need to be made with at least 24 hours’ notice.  Failure to provide such notice will result in your account being billed in-full for the cost of your scheduled session.

Should more than 60 days lapse between sessions, you will be considered an inactive client and your file will be closed.  Upon resuming treatment, you will be seen at the current rate. Individual exceptions may be given to those who have pre-arranged leave.


  • My office can be reached by elevators located near the middle of both the ground/street and first floor parking.  If you park on the first floor of the parking deck, my office is fully wheelchair accessible. There is access to a wheelchair ramp on this level only. If you park on the ground floor there are 5 steps to access the elevator. 
  •  My floor has both single and multi-stall bathroom options. The single stall bathrooms are located on either side of the elevator bank and are inclusive and accessible for people of all gender and physical abilities (new signage is in in the works). The multi stall bathrooms are labeled “male” and “female” and are located at the end of the hall. I would encourage you to use whichever bathroom you feel most comfortable using. 
  •  Telehealth is also offered to reduce possible physical barriers.
  • Should you have additional questions about accessibility please do not hesitate to contact me.